TYO Intern Alumni: Where are They Now?

Adam Saper

Any TYO intern will leave with a wealth of experiences and insights that aren’t completely fathomable until you dive in and go for it!

A native of East Lansing, MI, Adam taught Tawjihi English, Elementary English and community soccer in the spring of 2011.


What was your favorite moment/story from your time with TYO?

While I loved the time spent at the front of the classroom, I am and always will be a student at heart. In turn, some of my favorites moments were the times spent in Arabic class with Dr. Fawaz! I have tried learning many languages throughout the years and never connected with a teacher in the way I did with Doc. He welcomed us into his home, into his heart and into his mind, sharing bits and pieces of the Arabic language as freely as he shared delicious treats! While I have continued to study Arabic since leaving Nablus, I can’t imagine finding a more thoughtful or helpful teacher - and am so very appreciative of every moment he shared with us!

What do you miss most about TYO or Nablus?

I miss the people the most! From the wonderful TYO staff to the committed volunteers, the enthusiastic children and incredibly welcoming community - the people of Nablus were by far the most incredible part of my experience. I miss being welcomed into homes, not as a guest but as a family member. I miss the sweet kanafeh, and even sweeter tea. I miss the warm pita, fresh cheese and bitter olives. I miss the blue sky and the beautiful view of Mt. Gerizim. I miss my classroom of smiling faces and the embrace of a community that was so willing to share so much!

What have you been up to after leaving Nablus and what are your plans for the future?

I am excited to have just finished my first year at NYU Law School along with classmate and former TYO intern Bieta! I look forward to returning to New Orleans this summer to intern with the juvenile public defenders’ office. In the coming years I hope to continue to learn and grow, leveraging my legal education to both better understand the world around me and contribute to it as positively as I can.

How do you think TYO affected you personally and professionally?

TYO offered an incredible opportunity for both personal and professional growth. Some of my greatest learning experiences came from exchanges with my fellow interns, Colin, Leila and Mathilda. I couldn’t have asked for a more interesting, intelligent and insightful group to share my time with in Nablus. From sharing in class tips to out of class thoughts, our time together allowed me to explore Nablus, Palestine and the world at large in a way I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. At the same time, our Center Director, Humaira, and Intern Coordinator, Chelsey, provided incredible professional support, offering hands on advice and direction from the moment we arrived to long after the final class adjourned.

Do you have any advice for anyone considering applying for a TYO internship?

My advice to anyone considering applying would be to do it! TYO offers an incredible experience, the keystone of which is the mutual advantage of the internship. While anyone applying will undoubtedly bring their own unique set of skills to the organization, it would be impossible to live in Nablus without learning and growing. Any TYO intern will leave with a wealth of experiences and insights that aren’t completely fathomable until you dive in and go for it!