YALLA! Let's Set Goals

The Youth Action Local Leadership Alliance (YALLA) is a youth-led civic engagement program for youth ages 12-21. YALLA activities are designed to empower youth to build and develop the community. YALLA also aims to engage university-aged youth in their society, acting as role models for the youth participants.

Last week YALLA winners began planning their budgets for their initiatives.  With the help of the Youth Leadership Committee (YLC) and TYO staff, the youth were able to develop strong initiatives, each for $3,000 USD.

As we wait for the budgets to be approved, the YALLA winners and the YLC began creating work plans for their initiatives. Work plans are essential to the initiatives. It helps keep the youth organized and sets clear and specific weekly goals for themselves. The youth will report on a weekly basis to TYO staff and YLC members regarding their progress.

As time goes on, and the more we get closer towards completing the initiatives, we as the YLC will check-in with the youth winners. We’re all so excited to see the impacts the initiatives will have on the local community. The YALLA project is truly in full-swing and a year’s worth of planning and work, is coming together!

-Mohammad and Roula

Mohammad and Roula are YLC Communication Officers.