Humans of Nablus 39


If I could give my younger self one piece of advice, it would be to just do what you want to do, and study what you want to study, no one can force you to do anything different. Try hard to achieve your goals because, if nothing else, at least you’re trying

اذا استطعت  اعطاء  نصيحه صغيرة ستكون فقط اعمل ما تريد وادرس ما تريد دراسته ولا احد يستطيع اجبارك على عمل شيء مختلف.ابذل كل ما بوسعك للوصول الى هدفك لانك ان لم تبلغ مبتغاه عالاقل كان لك شرف المحاولة

Saffanah is a volunteer at TYO with the After-School Academic Program.