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Winning Over the Fear of Losing

Every second grader hates to lose. Building a healthy relationship with defeat is not easy for adults, much less for 7-year-olds. At TYO’s summer program, youth learn critical socioemotional skills through play. This involves lots of engagement, excitement, and fun, but with games also comes the possibility of losing.

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Whiteboard or shovel?

After a typical day in my first-grade summer class, students leave for home with muddy shoes and dirt under their fingernails, because they have just spent an hour submerging their hands in flower pots, smelling and tasting herbs, and inspecting all the curves and dents of a flower bulb or a seed. We have ditched pencils for watering cans and notebooks for piles of soil.

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Intern Journal: The Great Battle of the Cucumber Fields

We began our Video Class with the typical trust-falls and name games. By the second session, we had transitioned from improvisational games to brainstorming for our first video. By the third class, my kids had written an epic...

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