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Humans of Nablus 41

While working at TYO, I have learned that education depends on the community as a whole. Children need time and support from both their teachers and parents. They also need personalized activities. Some children are visual learners, some learn best through physical activity, and some learn best by listening. TYO provides children and the community with these valuable learning resources because they care about them.

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Humans of Nablus 38

“The children aren’t looking for someone to improve their lives through donations or monetary contributions but by feeling heard and understood by others.”

“In general, I don’t need money but I work here because I want to help others and help build my community in order to grow a brighter future for its inhabitants.”

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Humans of Nablus 22

I am having a great time with the kids at TYO. After my Bachelor’s degree, I would like to continue my studies and accomplish my dream of opening an English club for children. I would like to use my experience to make a lasting impact in the lives of children in the region. Children are very clever, they communicate with other children very easily most of the time.

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Humans of Nablus 19

When I was volunteering last session, I cooperated with the volunteers and got close with the children, especially the children ages 8 and 9. I did many exercises with them to help them write letters, and they learned them. For example, at the end of a few classes, I gave all of them homework to write a small story. Little by little, day by day, they wrote better.

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