Early Childhood Education


With support from the Qatar Fund For Development, TYO launched an early childhood development program targeting children ages 2-4. Sessions focus on early cognitive stimulation and encourage peer socialization and learning. Additionally, the program places specific emphasis on diagnosis and early intervention for learning disabilities. Mothers of participants are enrolled in parenting and empowerment programs teaching skills to provide a safe, health home environment.

Enrollment in early childhood programs in the Middle East remains low despite substantiated scientific evidence underscoring its social, intellectual, and emotional benefits.

The US Department of Education notes that the years before a child enters primary school are critical to the child’s educational and cognitive development.

TYO is committed to early childhood education and creates structured environments for active learning, self-discovery, and play to help mitigate the difficult circumstances children face. Non-formal education gives children the opportunity to discover and express themselves. By encouraging children to express their emotions, think critically, and be creative, TYO empowers children who lack much-needed support elsewhere.