At TYO, impact matters.

Our comprehensive approach to non-formal, generational education is supported by the regular impact assessments we conduct to ensure our programming is best serving the communities we work in. We use specific indicators created by our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) team that measure the growth of our program participants in pre- and post assessments meant to chart knowledge retention and academic performance. By sharing our annual reports, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to programming that is designed for maximum impact, scalable to vulnerable populations, and informed by our historical data.


1483 served in 2017

14,251 served over 11 years


2017: A year in review

2017 was a pivotal year for TYO. As we celebrated our 10-year anniversary, we also celebrated the growing success of our holistic educational and psychosocial programs.

Our programs strengthened our ties with the community and laid the foundation for us to serve more children, youth, and parents than ever before. TYO is filled with hope and excitement for the future.

We are always looking to grow and to widen our outreach to serve more people. 2017 marked the beginning of an exciting new partnership with the Qatar Fund for Development to expand our existing programs and create new programs.

For the first time in TYO’s history, children and families were able to participate in programs uninterrupted from early childhood through adolescence and young adulthood and into parenthood, when the cycle of TYO intervention begins again.

None of our programs would be possible without the generous, ongoing support of our local and international donors, partners, friends, staff, and volunteers.

We are grateful to you for joining us in our mission to help children, youth, and parents to realize their true potential and improve their lives.



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local volunteers involved in our Youth service program


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The 2017 Annual Report:


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