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Racing the Planet

My brother, Usama, started running on January 18, 2010. Though he has always been fit, he took up running for the sake of a new hobby. He has always pushed the limits of mind and body. It is only natural then that he would not just begin running but then sign up for a 150+ mile week-long race through the Egyptian Sahara. I got an email from him a few weeks before he signed up for the race with a link and his comment, “I think I am going to do this.” My siblings and I were skeptical and concerned Continue reading…


Support TYO in GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge

This holiday season, TYO is participating in GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge, a fundraising challenge for non-profits who are doing impactful work around the world. Related posts:Monday Field Day at El-Ein Refugee CampPhoto of the Day: Resting Pre-MarathonHonoring World Refugee Day at Balata Camp


TYO is participating in GlobalGiving’s Global Open, can you help us win up to $6,000 in prize money?!

From March 25 – April 26, 2010, TYO is competing to earn a spot on the GlobalGiving website, and earn up to US $6,000 from Global Giving by being one of the top fundraisers in the ‘Global Open’ Challenge. The organization with the greatest number of individual donations will win $3,000, and a separate $3,000 prize will go to the project, which raises the most money. The second and third place runners up for both achievements will get $2,000 and $1,000 respectively. In order to keep our project on GlobalGiving longer term, and use their website for ongoing fundraising, we Continue reading…


Call to Action: Support TYO in America’s Giving Challenge!

[youtube=] Tomorrow’s Youth Organization enables children, youth and parents in disadvantaged areas of Nablus to realize their potential as healthy, active and responsible family and community members. America’s Giving Challenge on Facebook Causes empowers real people to realize their potential as philanthropists by hosting a challenge where the wining nonprofit is the organization that rallies the most support instead of the largest amount of funds. In short, it is the number of donors we inspire to give that matters not how much they give (so long as they meet the minimum requirement of $10). Now you can help TYO realize Continue reading…


Thank you, Al-Arz Ice Cream Factory!

As some of you may know, some items are just hard to come by in Nablus. We spent weeks looking for small, colorful pipe cleaners for crafts and, just as we were losing hope, our wonderful outreach specialist, Futoon, managed to find them! For my science class, I was on the lookout for popsicle sticks. So many of my kids are interested in structural engineering and architecture that it made sense to start building bridges, houses, and anything else they wanted with popsicle sticks! You would not believe just how difficult it was to find popsicle sticks in Nablus. It Continue reading…