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Our first win

As the team heads out onto the soccer field they march in pairs screaming TYO, TYO, TYO. They call out numbers indicating what to do and stomp onto the field. This is not an average soccer team. In fact it is anything but average here in Nablus. Where the field is dominated by boys and girls do not play the beautiful game. The TYO Girls team is anything but average in their enthusiasm, variety of age and raw talent. It is only our second game and about half the girls are new to the game and to the team. We Continue reading…


Triple Exposure Students Explore Their Neighborhood

Although students in Triple Exposure’s advanced photography classes are all residents of TYO’s neighborhood, Khallet al-Amood, they don’t always get the chance to explore the community and what it means to them. This is largely due to the socio-economic level of the neighborhood, which is also densely populated by large families who often don’t have the resources to provide opportunities for community engagement. The combination of these factors often result in a lack of identity and investment in themselves and the community. The Triple Exposure team led kids on a walk through Khallet as part of a lesson on urban Continue reading…


An Evening with Lina and Friends

Walking up what felt like 100 flights of stairs, Samin and I finally reached Lina’s house in our neighborhood of Khallet al-Amood. Lina is a mother who is in both my nutrition class and Samin’s aerobics class, and after weeks of asking us to come to her house, we finally had the time to visit with her in her home. I can speak for both myself and Samin when I say it was one of our favorite experiences in Nablus thus far. Lina outdid herself with delicious tabbouleh salad, cakes, and fruits piled higher than I have ever seen! Slowly, Continue reading…


Intern journal: When the students become teachers…

Teaching is a humbling experience, but humility need not mean feeling defeat – rather, it is awareness that my role as a teacher and even my lesson plans provide only the foundation for all the growth and excitement that can take place in a classroom. Indeed, the moments I most treasure from working with my kids this summer are the ones in which my role as a teacher is minimal – the moments in which I feel a surge of pride to see them reach out to help, teach, and support each other. In my Explorers class, we were presenting Continue reading…


A Conversation over Tea

“She returns from school in hurry, puts her bag aside, asks for a small snack and runs out the door and saying, ‘I am TYO!’” Sundos’ father said, explaining his daughter’s behavior since enjoying Tomorrow’s Youth Organization. Sundos’ mom added that they used to spoil Sundos. She described the way Sundos used to cry about everything, isolate herself from her peers and never display interest or enthusiasm. “After my older daughter’s death in a car accident, my husband and I became very protective. We were scared to let our kids go anywhere alone—even to school,” her mother explained. “When TYO Continue reading…


SOW Journal: TYO Rocks!

Check out Student of the World Ilona’s blog entry about TYO that can also be found at

Annie and I decide to walk up the never-ending flight of stairs that surround Khallet Al Mood, the neighborhood where TYO is located. We take the stairs closest to the compound. They seem to go for ever…1,2,3…90,91,92…200…To think that men and women climb these stairs daily. Continue reading