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Nablus turns inside out

On Saturday, 19 youth from Nablus came to the TYO center for a photography workshop. At some point or another all were previous students of the Triple Exposure program and some still are. They came from Balata, Askar, Khallet al-Amood and the greater Nablus area. They came to take pictures and participate in a group project of identity. They came in cliques separated by neighborhood and age. At first the room was quiet as most of these young adults did not previously know each other. We mixed them up into four groups, a mixture of Nabulsi youth ranging in ages from Continue reading…


the power of an image

What better time to talk about the power of an image than now. In today’s world where the image travels with more speed and accessibility than ever before, when its power is magnified by its accessibility – as internet reaches more people the image gains power – it does not need to be translated, its emotional significance is expressed in a couple of seconds and just a glance can make an impact. The image translates across culture, language barriers and borders. It touches a part of us that stirs emotions and meaning while conveying a certain trust. We trust images Continue reading…


Triple Exposure Completes Mural Project

In December 2009, the Triple Exposure program at TYO launched a public art project to beautify the city of Nablus and engage children and youth from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.  Over the past two years, the project has produced murals on the busy sidewalks of Faisal Street, the UNRWA schools in Balata, Askar, and el-Ein, and the TYO campus. Most themes of the murals were selected by the students themselves, including themes such as literacy, childhood play, art, community, environmental preservation, and education. Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of Nabulsi students, TYO volunteers and interns, and art instructor Rimah, the Continue reading…