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Building Relationships, Breaking Isolation

Advancing Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs (APWE) is TYO’s fifth entrepreneurship program that seeks to help women in Northern Palestine establish or expand their micro-businesses. TYO provides women with the opportunity to attend psychological and social trainings with TYO’s in-house psychologist; develop or refine their business plans with Ramallah-based Small Enterprise Center (SEC); participate in a three-week business English and IT intensive; create their marketing materials after working with a branding and marketing expert; and so much more. We are in the middle of our outreach efforts to recruit entrepreneurs from Nablus, Tulkarem, Jenin, Tubas and their surrounding villages. We have been amazed by the amount of high caliber entrepreneurs Continue reading…


Coming to a City Near You!

Tomorrow’s Youth Organizations is moving full speed ahead with our outreach efforts for our upcoming entrepreneurial program, Advancing Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs (APWE). APWE is our fifth entrepreneurship program that seeks to help women in Northern Palestine establish or expand their micro-businesses.TYO is excited to offer a program that will increase women’s enterprise development skills and provide them with the opportunity to start or expand their micro-business. We are thrilled to recruit women to join us for psychosocial trainings, business development and coaching, branding and marketing workshops, business English and IT intensives, apprenticeship opportunities, and so much more. TYO representatives are working with our organizational partners scouring Northern Continue reading…


WISE II Entrepreneur Profile: Solafa

Name of Business: Zaina (Decorative) Soap From Anabta, a small village in Tulkarem, Palestine, Solafa was instantly drawn to the idea of making soap after attending a training course offered by The Palestinian Women’s Association, Asala. Solafa valued the concept of integrating the Palestinian tradition with natural resources, such as olive oil and lavender, which are readily available in her village. In September 2014, Solafa sold the gold jewelry that she no longer wears and bought the raw materials to begin producing soap. It was through the training course at a local community center, where Solafa heard about the WISE Continue reading…


You Go Girl

Tomorrow’s Youth Organization believes that women and girls in the Middle East have the potential to be the dynamic change-makers the region needs to overcome current economic and social challenges. Our organization is firmly grounded in this ethos and, as such, provides multi-generational programming for girls and boys, youth, and adult women. We are fortunate to know, support, and work with organizations whose work is grounded in a similar commitment to developing the leadership, critical thinking, and scholarship of women in northern Palestine. Recently, the American Consulate General in Jerusalem partnered with An-Najah National University to provide GO Girls Summer Continue reading…


WISE II Entrepreneur Profile: Shurooq

Name of Business: Nawa’em Art Originally from Nablus, Palestine, Shurooq began creating stained glass home décor as a hobby over 12 years ago. While attending a local handcrafts course, the instructor, impressed with Shurooq’s artistry,began displaying her pieces for sale at the community center. She was thrilled at the prospect of her products generating additional income for her family, but her husband was not. This proved to be the biggest barrier Shurooq encountered on her path to becoming a businesswoman. Shurooq’s husband rejected the idea and questioned her motivation for participating. He feared that if she pursued this path that Continue reading…