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Goodbye Nablus, at Least for Now

Being assigned to write a blog regarding my experiences here in Palestine is something which I find to be deceiving in its façade of simplicity. How to encapsulate three busy and complex months’ worth of adventures and thoughts so abstract from my daily life at home in a way that conveys the true process and learning that I have had is difficult. Reflecting on being an intern at TYO is like rapidly flicking through a photo album without a pause for thought. There are so many emotions and details to ponder, but an insufficient amount of time in which to Continue reading…


Lonely No More: An Interview With Minna

Minna is 3rd grade student from the neighborhood of Khallet al Amood. She heard about TYO from her friends at school. The students were enrolled in the Core program and told Minna about the activities they do and how fun they have at TYO. After hearing about the opportunity to play with other kids her age, Minna decided to register for the Core Child Program. This is Minna’s first session at TYO. Hi, Minna! Why did you decide to enroll in the Core Child Program at TYO? The main reason I decided to join TYO is there is no one Continue reading…


From Head to Heart: A Journey into Nablus

In her acclaimed Ted Talk on the power of vulnerability, Brene Brown, explains that the human experiences of courage, authenticity, empathy, and connection are deeply interconnected to vulnerability and shame. In short, courage and authenticity are born from the willingness to lay our guards down and step into our vulnerabilities, essentially opening our hearts and expressing how we feel, instead of numbing ourselves from the dark, messy aspects of our lives that make us feel shame. Unfortunately, when we shut ourselves away from the “bad,” we also miss out on the “good” and the best experiences that life has to Continue reading…