About TYO



TYO engages children (ages 4-8), youth (ages 8-22), and parents in productive, formative, and fulfilling activities.

TYO’s approach is guided by three main tenets: Comprehensive Development, Sustainable Impact, and Cultural Diplomacy.

Comprehensive Development

Economic prosperity and community revitalization cannot be achieved without quality basic education, which relies on healthy social and physical development. TYO offers well-rounded educational programming for children, including health, English, computer, and art classes. Through this comprehensive approach, TYO participants acquire tangible skills for life and work, while also becoming healthier, more self-confident, and hopeful about their potential to contribute to their community’s brighter future.

Cultural Diplomacy

Person-to-person contact across divides of age, socio-economic status, religion, gender, and culture is the surest and quickest way to erode ignorance and prejudice, leading to a more peaceful global community. TYO programs break down barriers between children, youth, and families from different neighborhoods (primarily refugee camps) and economic classes. Multi-generational programs promote healthy and productive relationships between communities and their youth, who are often seen as troublesome and unproductive.

At TYO’s Nablus Center, qualified international interns and staff work side-by-side with local staff, volunteers, and community members to implement programs, matching international best practices with on-the-ground realities and needs. This direct cooperation between the international community and the most at-risk communities in the Middle East is integral to the success of TYO programs and promotes invaluable cultural understanding: an important catalyst of social change. These activities also serve the international community by providing interaction with a culture they likely know only through sensationalized reports of extremism and violence.

Sustainable Impact

TYO programs prioritize the acquisition of sustainable skills, such as creativity, peaceful communication, identity building, and problem solving that will serve the participants throughout their lives. Activities often use recycled or found materials so as to be easily replicated at home or elsewhere in the community. To best support children, their support networks must also be empowered. TYO’s programs train current and future parents in economic, personal, and parenting skills and target multiple generations within the community, multiplying the impact and sustainability of TYO’s efforts.

TYO objectives:

-Offer high-quality early childhood programs to enrich children’s social, intellectual and physical development as creative and engaged citizens

-Impart knowledge and skills to guide young people’s development as professionals, community leaders and parents

-Facilitate awareness, communication and cooperation across local and international divides to improve mutual understanding

-Create safe spaces within which all community members, especially the most disadvantaged, enjoy varied programs based on local needs and interests