Academic Assistance



We target youth attending grades 4 - 7 (ages 9 - 14) to receive supplementary academic support and express themselves through sports. Through addressing their educational needs in after-school programming, we best prepare them for higher education, employment, and long-term economic opportunities. Our academic support program focuses on early intervention through academic support, addressing weaknesses in adolescents’ education early on in key areas such as Arabic, English, and mathematics, and ensuring academic success in later years of secondary school.

Our academic support program is supplemented by a long-term, skills-orientated sports program for the same target population. By using soccer as a tool for growth, children ages 9-14 have a channel for improving physical coordination and teamwork skills, with the support of a soccer coach and volunteers who help improve their leadership skills through coaching. Youth from the TYO center’s Khallet al Amood neighborhood join with others from different areas of Nablus to participate in these unified teams, thus increasing the sense of community for these children.



Through support from the Qatar Fund for Development, TYO has implemented critical programming that supports high school students transitioning between UNRWA high schools in the refugee camps of Balata, Old and New Askar, and Ein to Nablus public schools. This transition presents a serious academic and social challenge for these youth, and many choose to drop out of school instead of continuing in the public school system. Our program helps bridge that gap, and lowers the chance for high-risk behaviors associated with dropping out, such as substance abuse, violent activity, and early marriage.

Youth ages 15 - 19 are served by our academic intervention program. TYO assists students struggling with the transition out of UNRWA schools, and works with them as they study for their university exams in 11th and 12th grades. The program combines rigorous academic support and psychosocial intervention for youth that takes place in their own communities, eliminating the barriers to students unable to travel to our Nablus center. To encourage a commitment to academic priorities, TYO offers one high-potential student from each refugee camp, three in total, a full four-year scholarship to attend university.