Academic Intervention


Action Now for a Better Tomorrow

Yara Ramahi is one of the newest team members to join TYO as supervisor for the Academic Intervention and School Drop-Out Prevention program, a new TYO program made possible with the support of the Qatar Fund for Development. She is from Nablus and studied business administration at Al-Quds Open University. What is the new program with which you are working? With the generous support of the Qatar Fund for Development, TYO is implementing a new program called Academic Intervention and School Drop-Out Prevention. It is a program to help academically support students in refugee camps located within Nablus. Students are Continue reading…


You Can Do It! A New Approach to Early Childhood Education

Basem Hasoun joined TYO in November 2017 as the Early Childhood Program Manager. Before joining TYO, he obtained a degree in Primary Education at Al Yarmouk University in Jordan. He wanted to be part of TYO because he believes in TYO values, which focus on a creative and holistic approach to learning that targets children, mothers, and the family. What is the new program with which you are working? I am working with TYO’s Early Childhood Education Programs including Early Childhood Education Program: Ages 2-3 and Core Early Childhood Education Program targeting children ages 4-8. I am also working with Continue reading…


Winning More Than Just First Place

This session at TYO marked my first-time teaching 5th and 6th graders English, and with it the introduction to a huge group of students who seemed to have boundless enthusiasm and limitless amounts of energy. In the spirit of TYO, I looked for ways to redirect and focus this energy, rather than trying to suppress it and control it, and ended up introducing my favorite personal teaching style into the classroom: Competition. I am hardly the first teacher to harness the benefits of competition. Its effects have often provided positive results. The use of team competition in education has been Continue reading…