Child Friendly Schools Program


A Warm Bekka Valley Reception for TYO-L

  After months of preparation and hard work for the Child Friendly Schools (CFS) Project, TYO-Lebanon recently had the great pleasure of a formal visit with the teachers and principals of 3 out of the 4 schools that will be receiving the CFS training at the end of August.  The meetings were held, on-site, in each of the following schools in the heart of Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley: Kab Elias School Bar Elias  School Marj School TYO-Lebanon was so pleased to be received with the genuine enthusiasm of teachers and administrators as they expressed a real need for the delivery of Continue reading…


4 Tips to Promoting Resilience in the Classroom

Resilience, the ability to cope, adapt or “bounce back” after enduring stressful life circumstances or events, can and must be nurtured and fostered in children living in underprivileged areas. Resilience is not a trait, rather it is a dynamic process whereby children use learned positive behaviors or coping strategies during times of difficulty, and the result is adaptation and growth. By educating teachers about the importance of early childhood development and how to infuse their classrooms with the principles of active and non-formal learning, the Child Friendly Schools program is also preparing teachers to be better equipped at fostering resilience Continue reading…


Calling all future educators in Lebanon!

  TYO-Lebanon Volunteer Opportunity The Child Friendly Schools project is underway, and Tomorrow’s Youth Organization- Lebanon is excited to offer enthusiastic and dedicated university students and fresh graduates the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops which are focused on training current and future educators in Lebanon on the importance of active learning and non-formal education. Participants will not only be educated on a successful ECD model, they will also benefit from being active members in a workshop environment. CFS workshops will be held in a select school in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, and educators from 4 nearby villages Continue reading…


Active Learning in Lebanon from 2nd Grade to University

TYO-Lebanon is in the process of recruiting university students for our Child Friendly Schools project. Students will be selected from some of the best universities in Beirut, such as American University of Beirut, Haigazian and the Lebanese American University. University students, along with select group of educators from the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, will participate in several workshops focused on the importance and implementation of non-formal and active learning. Not only will students have an amazing chance to educate themselves on a successful ECD model of intervention, they will also benefit from participating in a workshop environment with experienced teachers from Continue reading…


Why Non-Formal Learning?

The study of human development gave us insight into the critical cognitive and emotional growth and development that occurs during early childhood, and it began to be understood as a time in which the foundation of one’s future was established. We began to realize the significance of education and parenting on young and malleable minds, especially since we also learned that the brain slowly loses its plasticity with age. Therefore, it was especially important for parents and educators to find ways to engage and stimulate young children because of the importance this had on helping individuals get on the right Continue reading…


Launching the Child Friendly Schools Project in Lebanon

TYO-L, in partnership with the Center for Arab Research and Development (CARD), has officially launched the Child Friendly Schools project (CFS).  The CFS project will be a one-year pilot in two schools in the Bekaa Valley, as an initial step towards raising awareness about the importance of early child development, in Lebanon. We will be offering the teachers and administrators training that will allow them to develop a solid understanding of these ECD principles and techniques. In addition, trainees will be taught how to implement these techniques into their educational programs and TYO-L will be with them all along the Continue reading…