Entrepreneurship Program

We offer entrepreneurship programs providing customized business development training, coaching, and confidence-building activities for high-potential young women and men to develop viable business plans based on their skills, education, and motivation to work. In starting their own businesses, participants generate income for themselves and other employees, thus improving the economic situation of families and the broader community.



With support from the Qatar Fund For Development, TYO has launched a youth entrepreneurship program to offer over 30 graduates aged 20-30 demonstrating strong professional skills and entrepreneurial drive the support necessary to start their own small business. The program recruits graduates from diverse fields including STEM (science, technology/IT, engineering, and mathematics), and those in vocational and other fields with demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit, to participate in a year-long business development training program.

Trainings include courses in psychosocial awareness, business development, information technology, business English, financial literacy, and more. At the conclusion of the program, participants compete in a public business plan pitching event. A final selection of entrepreneurs with high-potential business and financial growth plans will receive grant funding for their business launch.



TYO promotes entrepreneurship among women to facilitate their economic independence while also addressing their needs for childcare and personal development. Many possess education, motivation, and basic skills; we provide the concrete programming to make their participation in the workforce feasible and effective. Female education and participation is a key source of support for long-term economic growth. In order to effectively leverage this opportunity, women need comprehensive support that is appropriate and relevant for their context. At TYO, we give that support and more, providing an incubation space for emerging ideas and projects as well as institutional support through trainings and professional mentorship.