Why Interns?

Why Interns?

“Intercultural experiences personify the universal values of human rights, freedom, equality, and opportunity that all civilized nations share” (US State Department)

The International Internship Program provides an opportunity to combine a passion for teaching, child and youth development and community work with practical experience in the Middle East. TYO Interns are immersed in Palestinian culture, nonprofit program development and delivery, and an intercultural work environment.

TYO Interns serve as cultural ambassadors. Their presence in Nablus allows for cross-cultural, global exchange with local staff members, volunteers, and children. They work both with the local community to promote social change benefiting children, youth, and women in the area and leave with not only an understanding of Palestinian culture, but also with lasting friendships and memories.

Through the internship program, local university-aged volunteers collaborate with their international peers, acting as classroom aids and translators. This experience represents a valuable opportunity for the youth to share their culture with international interns and also to gain practical experience in program delivery and classroom management.