Kalimatina Initiative

Program Dates: Spring 2010 – Fall 2010


Kalimatina was a six-month do-plomacy initiative in which several young Palestinians and Americans created a by youth, for youth multimedia kit to introduce the culture of Nablus to the world and to provide concrete outlets for engagement. The project also generated two other important outcomes:

  • Deep person to person connections across divides within and between Nablus and the US,
  • A model for youth driven cultural diplomacy that can be replicated anywhere in the world.

The Do-plomacy Manual was designed by youth to teach other youth about their culture in a way that is relevant, authentic and dissolves prejudice. The importance of youth-led, cross cultural connections is also reflected in the project’s name Kalimatina, which means “Our Word” in Arabic. This tool addresses our challenge in Nablus of being isolated from the rest of the world and the growing divides between the Middle East and North America and Europe. Because of our innovative, modern and scalable approach, the project also advanced intercultural dialogue: a topic that is indispensable for global security and well‐being.

With the completed Manual, American TYO interns led Do-plomacy sessions, directly reaching at least 360 youth in the US. However, our target is truly the world – TYO commits great energy to spreading the concept and our Manual as far and wide as possible. Our partnership with the UN Alliance of Civilizations and other global organizations, as well as outreach to relevant student groups in the US and Europe provides a large and diverse audience for the kit. Social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are important platforms for Do-plomacy, to facilitate resource‐sharing, ongoing revision of the kit and active engagement.