American Corner Nablus

Program Dates: September 2011 – November 2012

American Corner Nablus










Given TYO’s successful commitment to intercultural dialogue and its International Internship Program, the American Corner served the community of Nablus while furthering the AC mission to help individuals expand their knowledge and skills, foster exchanges of culture and values, and build bridges between Americans and Palestinians.

With support from the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem, highly qualified undergraduates, recent graduates, and young professionals from the U.S. cooperated with TYO local staff and volunteers to develop illustrative activities including:

  • English language courses for youth and adults
  • Thematic programming centered on American culture
  • Creative thinking courses
  • Volunteerism and community-led initiatives
  • Workshops to support women’s empowerment

The American Corner Nablus was a TYO community outreach program designed by-youth-for-youth to learn about their culture in a way that is relevant, authentic and dissolves prejudice. It addressed challenges, such as the isolation of individuals in Nablus from the rest of the world and the growing divide between the Middle East and North America.


  • 17 International Interns led enrichment classes in Nablus
  • 382 Children ages 4-14 received educational classes based on TYO’s holistic approach
  • 855 Children and Youth participated in literacy, library, and cultural programs and events
  • 70 University Volunteers implemented the project while also gaining invaluable work experience
  • 70 University Students received professional competency courses
  • 780 Women benefited from programs that incorporate educational and psychosocial courses