Triple Exposure Program

Program Dates: Fall 2009 – Fall 2011

In 2009, TYO envisioned a new focus for youth activities and learning: public art.

Inspired by wall art that colors surfaces around the West Bank, the Triple Exposure project was designed to engage children in expressing themselves through art that the public could access, thereby allowing communities in the city of Nablus, the West Bank, and abroad to witness the lives and personal expressions of youth. The project harnesses the unique ability of art education to encourage creativity, self-expression, self-confidence, analytical abilities, and a sense of identity among youth. It aims as a result to promote a group of youth who are creative, curious, and committed to engaging with their communities at home and abroad in order to build a better future.

What’s in a Name?

Triple Exposure is derived from the project’s three-pronged approach to building awareness, a sense of identity, and vocational skills among the children and adolescents of Nablus:

First, a personal reality is uncovered. The beauty and sometimes sadness of Palestinian homes, cities, and landscapes are depicted through the photographs and artwork that the children create through their classes at TYO.

Second, a community is highlighted. Through class activities on the meaning of “identity” and “community,” frequent trips around Nablus and the West Bank, and the experience of bringing art to the public spaces around them, budding artists and photographer build a greater sense of connection to their communities and of personal citizen identity.

Third, the stories of land and people are heard around the world. The Palestinian youth art created at TYO is made available for the world to see via the Triple Exposure website, the TYO blog, student photography exhibitions, and the publication of a book of the children’s art.

Arts Vocations and Professional Awareness

Photographers for Associated Press, Reuters, and An Najah University have visited Triple Exposure photography classes to speak about their approach to photography and the development of their careers; local artists and architects have done the same for mural classes. The children build their vocational awareness and skills from the example of these arts professionals and from the in-class focus on acquiring technical skills in art, project management, group work, leadership, as well as computer and Internet use.

Results & Impact

More than 300 children have participated in the mural art and photography classes that provide them with unique opportunities to travel around the city and region, taking photos of what they see and creating murals based on their drawings and expressions.

Triple Exposure artists have completed 16 murals and mosaics in and around the city of Nablus that are a source of accomplishment and expression for artists and beauty for all residents.

The project has facilitated 38 field trips and visits for participants in and around Nablus and the West Bank, providing much needed opportunities to learn and be inspired.