Youth Action Local Leadership Alliance (YALLA)

Program Dates: August 2011-September 2012

The Youth Action Local Leaders Alliance (YALLA) is a youth-led civic engagement program that targets both university-aged youth and youth aged 12-17, two of the most plentiful and strategic demographics in Nablus, Palestine as well as throughout the Middle East region. TYO is once again grateful to the US State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) for supporting this important program.

Through YALLA, TYO will manage the creation of a Youth Leadership Committee (YLC) of 7-9 university students selected through an open and competitive application process. The YLC is a natural progression of TYO’s successful volunteer program that will provide an opportunity for university youth already engaged in community activities to build additional work-related and life skills, while also increasing their role as active citizens.

Following an intensive, skill-based training led by regional and international experts, YLC members will apply newly acquired leadership, communications, reporting, and management skills by managing a call for applications for youth-identified community initiatives. They will publicize the program to youth aged 12-21 from all sectors of Nablus, community organizations and youth groups, mentor applicants during the application process, and evaluate the applications according to criteria established by YLC members under the guidance of TYO staff. Finally, the YLC will select 1-3 initiatives to be funded, and devise implementation, monitoring and evaluation plans for each, engaging applicants and other TYO volunteers throughout the process.

Because YALLA activities are designed to build on TYO’s youth service learning program, program objectives are informed by past experience, driven by ongoing needs, and realistically achievable. YALLA will achieve two primary objectives through the implementation of activities.

1. Empower university-aged youth as community leaders by providing them with structured and intensive skill-based training as well as practical opportunity to apply those newly-learned skills to youth-identified initiatives that improve their local and regional communities.

2. Encourage the broader Nablus youth community (ages 12-21) in youth-led civic initiatives that address youth-identified societal and/or community issues.