Peace and Conflict Resolution Education for Early Childhood Development

Program Dates: January 2011 – April 2012

The Peace and Conflict Education curriculum was designed to build the capacity of Palestinian teachers and administrators to incorporate age-appropriate curricula into early childhood development (ECD) programs operated by non-governmental organizations in and around Ramallah and East Jerusalem.  The focus on ECD was selected because there is an abundance of research that demonstrates both the long-term developmental and mental health consequences of early exposure to trauma and violence.  Research has also demonstrated the resilience of young children living under these circumstances when there is a framework of both familial and social support and an educational and developmental foundation that includes teaching children social and emotional skills grounded in principles of justice, tolerance, and “fair play.”

Over three years, a coalition of actors led by Meridian International developed a draft Palestinian Preschool Peace and Conflict Resolution Curriculum, based on evidence-based practices and developed training materials for teachers selected from those ECD sites and conducted training of the teachers. TYO was selected as a pilot location and over the course of three semesters Core Program teachers received tailored training and integrated this unique curriculum into their classrooms programming.

Through the pilot program the coalition was able to further develop the age- and culturally-appropriate curriculum on Peace and Conflict Resolution to include a) modules on family involvement, community involvement, and health; and b) adapt the curriculum for children with disabilities. Going forward, TYO will continue to use the Palestinian Preschool Peace and Conflict Resolution Curriculum in its Core Program Classrooms.