Program Dates: Spring 2008 – Present

In fall 2011, after three and a half years supporting women and mothers in Nablus through a variety of educational classes, TYO inaugurated The Women’s Group. The Women’s Group was developed to expand on our support efforts for mothers; to offer them seminars on health, mental health, parenting & children’s needs, education & literacy, and women’s empowerment. In order to provide women with the best in current scholarship, TYO has partnered with several local organizations and accredited professionals to lead the discussions. Currently, partner organizations include: The Palestinian Charitable Family Planning and Protection Society, The Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Tortured Victims, The Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development, The Palestinian Counseling Center, The Early Childhood Resource Center, YMCA Nablus, and An-Najah University.

Through a comprehensive series of interactive seminars, The Women’s Group aims to encourage women to engage in dialogue on topics that are commonly overlooked in their community. At TYO not only are the women provided a safe space and platform to candidly discuss their thoughts and concerns, but they also have the opportunity to become learned in practical skills and resources/local organizations that are available to assist them in adopting habits that will them help yield a better quality of life.

Supporting Mothers

Teaching practical and parenting skills to mothers – children’s first and most enduring teachers – has a significant and sustained impact on children’s well-being, reaches large numbers of children, and is an essential aspect of TYO’s work.

Through ongoing community outreach, TYO has understood women’s need and desire for activities that improve them first as people, and consequently as parents. In response to these needs, TYO offers mothers the opportunity to learn practical skills like English and IT training that will help them to find employment or support their children’s learning. Women also partake in parenting, nutrition, and First Aid classes that teach skills directly related to child development as well as fitness classes that provide a healthy escape from everyday stress. Though these programs, TYO helps adult community members develop the resources necessary to reach their individual potential and thereby raise healthier and happier children.

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