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50K in 50 Days Campaign – A SUCCESS!

In October 2011, Usama Malik ran 6 consecutive marathons across the Sahara desert raising $30K for Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO).

In May 2012, despite serious knee injury Malik completed three grueling days of the Jordan  Racing the Planet series. During the $50K in 50 Days campaign, TYO and friends raised an impressive $52,805 to provide TYO students and participants with locally produced, healthy lunches during 2012-2013 programming. Thank you to all who contributed!

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 Congratulations to TYO Champion, Usama Malik!

TYO applauds Usama’s strong-will and heroism in meeting such a colossal challenge head-on, all the while maintaining focus and determination to very last painful moment.

Usama Malik: Non Zero

It’s almost 24 hours before my flight to Amman and less than 72 hours before the race begins.  I am less anxious than last time, although I never really quite get that anxious till right before an event.

Racing the Planet Games

Classes broke regular rhythm for Racing the Planet-themed games, to connect the kids with the race that Usama Malik is running on their behalf. With face paint and team cheers, the kids were excited to compete against their partner classes.

Racing the Planet 2: We Heart U!

Once again, I have the privilege to raise money for TYO through our $50K in 50 days campaign that officially launched on March 24th.  And this time, my sisters, through their generosity and kindness have formed an organization called “I Heart U”  to raise additional monies for TYO.

Launching the 50K in 50 Days Campaign

To celebrate the official launch of TYO’s 50K in 50 days campaign friends, supporters, TYO staff, and guest of honor, Usama Malik, gathered at Neyla Restaurant in Washington, DC to kick off the fundraising campaign with great food and conversation.

Coverage from the October 2011 Racing the Planet campaign


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