Youth Development


Young populations are perceived as both one of the greatest risks and opportunities in the region. TYO is committed to engaging this important demographic, the leaders of tomorrow. Our educational and volunteer programming for youth provides young people with a positive outlet for their time and energy, while cultivating practical skills for their future.


According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, 66.5 percent of the West Bank’s residents are under 29 years of age. Unemployment in Palestine hovers at 25 percent, and is even higher in refugee camps, one of TYO’s primary target areas.

With support from the Qatar Fund For Development, our volunteer program trains the next generation of local leaders while improving quality of life in their communities. Hundreds of young adults have been trained by TYO in classroom management, working with and mentoring children with psychosocial needs, professional development, leadership, and public speaking.


The TYO scholarship provides tuition subsidies for eligible university students. Volunteers who have demonstrated commitment, professionalism, and dedication to TYO’s mission may apply.

To be eligible, volunteers must:

  1. Be a volunteer at TYO

  2. Be enrolled in University

  3. Complete 35 hours or more of service at TYO during the current session

  4. Complete an application form, explaining their need and future education and/or career goals