A Tourism Book for Palestine

Rakan Dababshe noticed a huge lack of information regarding tourism in Palestine. Tourists - both international and local often asked, "What's there to see in Palestine?" But the resources for tourists were few and far between. Outdated or missing information on the internet inspired Rakan to do something for his community. Through the Youth Action Local Leadership Alliance (YALLA), a youth-led civic engagement program for youth ages 12-21, Rakan successfully visited sites in Palestine and created a tourism book for visitors.

Rakan has begun distributing his books in various cities and locations in Palestine including various municipalities, cultural centers and institutions. Rakan however is most looking forward to distributing his book at the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism.

In two weeks, Rakan will also be proudly showcasing 45 of his photos at An-Najah National Univeristy through the Department of Arts. His work will be displayed alongside other young student photographers as part of a larger exhibit. Stay tuned to learn more about Rakan's exhibit in the coming weeks!

Mabrouk, Rakan! We're proud of how far your initiative has come.