Women’s Empowerment


Women are a crucial target for TYO because of their central role in the family and potential leadership of community change.

Our trainings provide basic knowledge about health and child development as well as self-confidence and other life skills. We offer educational and recreational programs for mothers that support their personal health and well-being. This directly improves each family’s welfare and multiplies the impact and sustainability of our efforts.

We have partnered with several local organizations and accredited professionals that have guest lectured to the women we serve, including: The Palestinian Charitable Family Planning and Protection Society, The Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Tortured Victims, The Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development, The Palestinian Counseling Center, The Early Childhood Resource Center, YMCA Nablus, and An-Najah University.



With support from the Qatar Fund for Development, WEPP was developed to expand our support efforts for mothers; to offer them trainings and seminars on health, mental health, parenting & children’s needs, education & literacy, and recognizing women’s rights. Through these programs, we help adult community members develop the resources necessary to reach their individual potential and thereby raise healthier and happier children. TYO has partnered with several local organizations and accredited professionals to help lead these discussions, including: Doctors Without Borders and An-Najah University.

Additionally, women regularly accompany their children in the classroom to improve mother - child communication and discipline skills, using techniques the mothers have learned under the teacher’s guidelines and supervision. We provide women with a safe space and platform to candidly discuss their thoughts and concerns. We also connect them to resources and local organizations that are available to assist them in needs outside of our capacity.