TYO partners with National Children's Museum in Washington, DC

TYO is excited to announce a new partnership with the National Children’s Museum (NCM), based in Washington DC. The partnership is based on the organizations’ shared interest in engaging and empowering children. NCM, like TYO, offers educational and recreational activities for children and families that inspire curiosity, eagerness to connect with others, and drive to help, as they learn more about their world.

Based on this common passion, we know that the TYO-NCM partnership will be productive and long-lasting! For now, our cooperation will include training of TYO staff and interns, particularly in NCM’s family literacy methods and materials. Our newest staff member, Robyn Holley, had the chance to attend one such event before she left Washington DC last week! She enjoyed the training, and confirmed that the creative, yet simple, NCM programs will be very transferable to Nablus. We know from experience that the ideas contained in the Family Literacy programs are very much needed and wanted in Nablus!

The second major component of the cooperation is the multimedia exhibit that an international intern will curate this summer in Nablus. She will gather a range of art created by TYO participants of all ages, and bring it back to the Washington, DC area for display in the NCM Launch Zone, as well as NCM partner schools in Prince George’s County, Maryland and elsewhere around the country. The exhibit will serve as a way for kids in the US to gain a direct perspective on the feelings, identities, tastes and talents of their peers in Nablus. Hopefully, a later phase of this initiative will include a similar exhibit created by American children that can be displayed at the TYO Center in Nablus.