Photo of the Day: Teacher Training!

dsc04901 On Tuesday, 5 May and Wednesday, 6 May TYO teachers and staff participated in their second week of an intensive four-month training program.  The TYO staff is participating in an important training on the Holistic Integrated Approach to early childhood education. The training is led by MaDad, founded by Jacqueline Sfeir, former Dean of the Faculty of Education at Bethlehem University and 2007 Ashoka Fellow. Jacqueline and her team will work alongside the TYO team before and during TYO's summer session to provide a theoretical insight into the value of a child-centered, reflective approach to teaching, as well as extensive practical examples of ways to apply this approach in the classroom.

Another important outcome of the MaDad training will be renovation of TYO's classrooms and shared spaces as enriching, safe and familiar spaces. This renovation will use recycled and other found materials to the greatest extent possible—turning other peoples trash into childhood treasures.