TYO is tweeting!

Today is a huge day in TYO's social media evolution: we started tweeting! Over the last few months, full-time staff and volunteers have been working on TYO's presence in the rapidly expanding world of social media. We feel good about our blog, thanks to local and international staff and volunteers, and even if we didn't meet the requirements for a Vanity URL, our Facebook page is coming along nicely. (Check 'em out and see for yourself!) The next frontier to conquer was clearly Twitter! TYO tweeting!

After all, one of our primary goals is to build bridges: sharing information about our work in Nablus with people beyond Nablus, and bringing insight and information from the outside world to improve our work here. Many underprivileged communities are isolated by various barriers, but this is particularly true of the communities we work with in Nablus, which are cut off from the rest of the West Bank, Israel and Jordan by physical barriers.

TYO's twitter account will share news from TYO and our areas of work: early childhood development, psychosocial programming, community development, youth empowerment, social entrepreneurialism.

Why not follow us to find out more? And please tweet us @tomorrowsyouth to share your ideas about our work, our tweets, and how you'd like to help!