Visit Palestine!

TYO staff and volunteers take advantage of any chance they get to enjoy the Palestinian countryside. But we live here, so it’s a bit easier… For those of you who don’t live here, or are looking for a different way to see the country, we wanted to share two exciting opportunities coming up for you to enjoy the hills, valleys, olive groves and wheat fields of the West Bank.

Abraham Path “Palestine Youth Summer Walk,” July 23 – 30 The Abraham Path Initiative is organizing the second annual youth walk through the West Bank. Young people from around the world will walk 70 kilometers from Nablus to Hebron, staying with families, getting to know each other, and enjoying the natural and cultural beauty of Palestine.

Peace Cycle,” October 9 – 23 A British non-profit organization coordinates this bike ride from Amman to Jerusalem. Participants will have the chance to stay with local families and enjoy the countryside and cities along the way. Furthermore, the trip will raise money for Oyooni Eye Clinic, an initiative that aims to deliver specialized eye care to diabetes and glaucoma patients in the West Bank and Gaza. Read more at

If you’re coming to Palestine with one of these exciting initiatives or on your own, check out for tips. And let us know if you come see the beautiful valley of Nablus and sample delicious knafeh!