Pictures from Doris' class!

Below are photos from my "Nabulsi Explorers" class and from our Ibrahim's Path outing! The lesson for the day was "Portraits," and we focused on how to use perspective, angles, light, and frames to take a creative and expressive photo. The lesson was part of our preparation for the students' photography projects, in which they will use take-home disposible cameras to construct photo essays about their lives in Nablus. Ibrahim, Amir, Yusef, and Muntaser show us they can take on the world in style.

Majdi has more kinetic energy than a speeding bullet, but his classmates got him to stay still just long enough to take this photo!

Hadil, Dalia, and the translator, Abeer pose with rubber tires being used to construct a jungle gym!

I thought to myself: "Why not use this opportunity to get a free glamour shot?"

Sundus' beautiful smile lights up the entire frame!