Last Day Celebration!

Mother and Daughter Look at Art On Wednesday, 12 August 2009 Tomorrow’s Youth Organization celebrated United Nations’ International Youth Day on the last day of our eight-week summer session. Over 500 community members came to the TYO Center in Nablus to view their children's artwork and enjoy a series of performances and exhibitions, including dabka and athletic performances, an experiment by TYO’s “Mad Scientists” and a performance by a group of clowns from Askar refugee camp.  The Center was filled not only with the exuberant colors of childhood art but also the laughter and shouts of children and families enjoying their time together.

A special thanks to the TYO volunteers who put forth an extraordinary effort in preparing and carring out the event. Congrats to the volunteers on their 100% participation in this event.

Please check out our flickr account for more pictures of this event. Video footage will also be posted on our youtube channel in the coming days.

Mothers receive seeds to plantHousesClownBoy Laughing