Clinton Global Initiative 2009

I've just arrived in New York for the Fifth Annual Clinton Global Initiative, TYO's second CGI conference. Although the events don't officially begin until Tuesday afternoon, the buzz is already tangible! The UN General Assembly also opens tomorrow, so the city is officially overflowing with official visitors. In its fifth year, CGI seems to be making a lot of changes for the better, toward a greater focus on concrete action and feasible commitments rather than high-profile talking sessions. We are extremely excited for this year's Action Networks on Investing in Girls and Empowering Women, both topics that are so essential to TYO's work. They also provide an ideal platform to announce an exciting new project that we have made our Commitment to Action for 2009. Keep your eyes out for full details here in the coming days...

Another highlight of CGI 2009 for TYO will be the broadcast of the video produced by the New York Students of the World team in Nablus in June 2009. We will also post the video here as soon as its available on the web!

Finally, an important aspect of CGI is always the networking: taking advantage of the knowledge and willingness of CGI staff to help members (philanthropists, practitioners, and private sector representatives) connect with each other according to their shared passions and complementary resources. President Obama has confirmed his attendance at Tuesday afternoon's plenary, which should set an extremely positive tone for the event.

I'll be tweeting as much as I can about the event and the working sessions - follow along and let me know what you think along the way: .

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