Has TYO Gone Quiet?

Our devoted readers may be speculating “what’s happened?”  Has TYO stopped running?  Are they still at CGI '09? Have they gone on vacation?  No! In fact, we’ve been very busy getting several projects up and running, including our Fall 2009 Session which begins today!  Things you’ve been reading about like the expansion of our International Internship Program and Triple Exposure (a photographic expression and public art project) have taken large strides in the weeks since our summer session ended. Today we begin again! Morning and Afternoon Core Programs! Women's Class! Creative arts programming! Oh my!

Stay tuned right here for program updates, photos of the day and early childhood education and development analysis!  We will also come to you--don't forget our our RSS feed--read our blog in your preferred format!


Chelsey is the Program Coordinator at TYO Nablus.