Just Thirty Minutes Left--Today!

With just 30 minutes left until the end of today's daily competition TYO is holding at the No. 11 spot! Thank you so much! As those in the top ten spots continue to fight for the top spot, we must work even harder to get No. 10! Please help us fight for our spot on the leaderboard!

We are extremely close! Now, let us come together and show the brilliant power of real people making real moves toward REAL CHANGE! If you haven't contributed in the last 24 hours, please make a $10 donation to TYO's cause! CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW! If you have already contributed in the last 24 hours, please email one other person and ask them to donate so that we can secure a top ten finish!


THE OVERALL CHALLENGE LASTS UNTIL NOVEMBER 6TH! Don't worry, it is not too late if you read this after 3:00 pm EST today! If you donate before 3:00 pm EST on November 6—remember each individual can make a $10 donation once a day until the end of the challenge—you can help TYO win a $50,000 prize!  We are currently No. 50 overall!

In solidarity your friend,

Chelsey Berlin Program Coordinator, TYO Nablus Center