Kelsey's Crafts: Flower Card

Flower Card How to make a Flower Card:


Flowers1. Collect several flowers of different colors and shapes

Pressed Flowers2. Place the flowers near the crease of an open book and shut the book on the flowers 3. Make sure to stack other books or some form of weight on top of the book with the pressed flowers 4. Wait two or three days for the flowers to flatten and dry 5. After a few days have passed remove the flowers from the book


Two pieces of paper1. Give each student two pieces of poster paper

Card with a window2. Fold one piece of paper like a card and cut out a "window" in it 3. Trace the window cut out onto the other piece of poster paper so you know the area you'll be gluing flowers to

Glue Flowers4. Glue the pressed flowers onto the poster paper 5. Cut out the dry flowers but be sure to leave extra space around the flowers to glue the paper into the card 6. Unfold the piece of poster paper with the window cut out of it 7. Put glue along the edges of the paper with the flowers and glue it onto the inside of the window

The Card8. Let it dry and refold the card accomplishing the look of a frame 9. Write something in your card and you're done!

Kelsey’s Crafts is a TYO blog column on how to make simple and fun crafts with children out of things found around the house. Kelsey is the Co-Coordinator of Triple Exposure at TYO. She teaches several art classes to children and youth.