Intern Journal: Back in 2010

Bieta at the Giza Pyramids in Cairo over the break

Although TYO’s building has yet to be filled with all of our students, it has been very comforting and welcoming to be back in Nablus and preparing for our new session!   I am very happy to return, as I have begun to consider the city and the center my home.  The friendships that I have made here with colleagues, students, locals and expatriates have become very close and I am glad to put off saying good bye for a little while longer.

It was tough to be away from Nablus for the holidays, but it did afford me the opportunity to think about my classes this semester.  I have chosen to teach another round of the same classes again this spring. I gained invaluable knowledge teaching the drama and exercise class during the fall session, which I can put to good use in improving the same classes.  The new crop of students in my drama class can expect some surprises and improvements and the women who attend my exercise class can expect to expand upon the dances we learned last session and add a lot more to their moves! I am definitely looking forward to the challenge of filling up an entire 90 minute class with fun and strenuous workouts!

In addition to teaching my drama and exercise class, I am also happy to be a part of the UNAoC grant project with the incoming interns!  This project will produce a multimedia guide to Nablusi culture.  I look forward to working with the new American and Palestinians interns to create this guide. This process will no doubt form strong bonds between us as we reach out to Palestinian and American youth and hopefully, through our social media efforts, to youth around the world.

All in all, I am looking forward to this semester with a lot of anticipation and excitement!