TYO Nablus debuts in Washington DC!

We're so excited about TYO Nablus's debut at the National Children's Museum Launch Zone! We are sorry not to be able to bring the whole team, and the kids themselves to share their city, food and artwork. But 2 TYO interns, Mariel and Nachel will be at the opening on Saturday, January 23, and we hope a whole lot of you! The NCM team is prepped and ready, after a lesson on Palestinian food and spices with Barbara Petzen, Education Director at the Middle East Policy Council. They learned how to make stuffed grape leaves, or waraq einab - one of our favorite Nabulsi dishes (at left)! And also got to sample kanafe: the world-renowned and delicious Nabulsi sweet, made of sheep's cheese, semolina and abundant honey.

George Mason University's Dabkeh Dance Troupe is putting the final touches on their performance for tomorrow afternoon (at noon, 1 and 2 pm). Check out  sneak preview of their awesome skills on YouTube!

And our kids and staff are waiting eagerly here in Nablus for photos of the event, first-hand reports from NCM staff, and of course: postcards from you and your kids written back to us in reaction to the exhibit!

Enjoy, and sahtain (Arabic for 'bon appetit')!