Photo of the Day: FWEN Graduation

Monday, March 29 was an extremely proud day for partners and especially participants of Fostering Women Entrepreneurs in Nablus: TYO's cooperation with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. After extensive orientation and teambuilding activities, a grueling 10-day training in business skills and entrepreneurship and intensive preparation of their business plans for presentation, young women presented their ideas to an illustrious group of leaders from all sectors in Nablus: business, government and NGOs, including banks and other financing institutions.

Now, the project's equally important second phase begins: customized support, mentoring and follow-on training to covert the women's ideas into viable and sustainable businesses. Please contact project manager Fatima Irshaid at if you're interested in serving as a mentor for these young women as they move forward on their path to becoming business leaders! And keep your eye out for further news about the women's businesses, as well as next phases of our cooperation with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in our shared mission to empower women as active participants in Middle Eastern economies.