Triple Exposure blog: Encouraging signs

Check out the latest post from Doris on the Triple Exposure blog:

The game was equally fun for me: any teacher would be proud to witness the enjoyment and dedication to solving puzzles that I saw in these kids. I was particularly delighted, however, to note that one of my students, Mohammed, was engaged and excited like I’ve never seen him before.

I’ve known Mohammed since June 2009, when he was in a science class at the TYO summer camp. His teacher struggled with his inability to get along with the children, and she confided in me how Mohammed was quickly prone to anger, getting very upset with other students or even the class volunteers over classroom disagreements or frustrations. He would occasionally get so upset as to hit another student, which led to a series of conversations between him and his teacher about how to deal with his emotions and with conflict.

In the fall, Mohammed was placed into my photography class, and soon thereafter I had a few similar conversations with him...