How To: Bee Craft

Everyday in my Arts & Crafts classes, I read a book to my children and then we do a craft based off some aspect of the story. This past Tuesday, I read The Big Honey Hunt -- the first book written by Stan and Jan Berenstain in their very popular children’s book series about the Berenstain Bears. In the story, Papa Bear tries to show Small Bear that the best way to get honey is not to buy it from a store, but to go on a honey hunt! Hilarity ensues as Papa Bear and Small Bear fail to find any honey and must hide in a pond to escape a very angry swarm of bees. After reading the story, my class made the most adorable bees that unlike the bees in the story were quite friendly and happy! Here are the instructions for you to try the craft at home:

Materials to Make One Bee:

One Toilet Paper Roll



One piece of black construction paper

One or two pieces of yellow construction paper

One black marker, crayon or oil pastel


1)    Cut yellow construction paper to cover the toilet paper roll and then tape securely to make the body of the bee

2)    Then decorate the body of bee using a black marker, crayon or oil pastel

3)    Trace a circle on the yellow construction paper using the toilet paper roll

4)    Then cut out circle and decorate to make the bee’s face

5)    Tape securely to toilet paper roll to cover the end of the tube

6)    Next cut a medium-sized heart shape to create the wings of the bee and attach with tape so that the wings sit on the back of the bee (look at picture if you need clarification)

7)    Finally cut out antennas and stinger using the black construction paper, and attach to the bee

8)    Khalas! You now have a cute little bee! : )