TYO Core Program Celebrates Mid-Summer with an Open Day

The cheers and laughter could be heard throughout the neighborhood last Wednesday when more than 100 children took part in an Open Day at the TYO center. That day, TYO Core Program kids took a break from their normal classes to play games, create art, and watch a clown performance.

Each semester, TYO schedules “open days” both as a treat for the kids and as a way to introduce TYO to other Nablus community groups. This time, 30 children from AMRA organization, an NGO specializing in IT training in Nablus, joined in the fun. In this way, open days are an important way for core program participants to share what they’ve learned at TYO with kids from other organizations and neighborhoods while hopefully making some new friends along the way!

The day’s events were coordinated by TYO Sports teacher, Haitham Okeh, and included many activities learned from Right to Play trainings. Teams of kids, supervised by TYO youth volunteers, rotated through eight relay race stations. They sprinted around cones; hopped on balls; bowled; and tossed beanbags into rings. The competition was stiff, but win or loose everyone enjoyed cheering and playing throughout the afternoon.