Thanksgiving in Nablus

Following Eid, November turned out to be a holiday-heavy month!  On Thursday, November 25th TYO celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving with an enormous home-cooked meal, breaking bread, giving thanks and sharing traditions.

In a feat of super-human cooking skills, the four interns, the Center Director and two American staff members whipped up a Thanksgiving lunch that included salad, squash soup, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, and for dessert, homemade pumpkin pie and apple crisp (the turkey was not forgotten--it was ordered from a nearby village!). Once all of the TYO staff had gathered, as dishes were being passed, we all shared the things for which we were thankful this year.

As my time in Nablus is rapidly coming to a close, I am thankful for having had the opportunity to live and work in the West Bank, and for the ability to take the lessons I have learned here and share them with my community back home.  This year, when I think of things for which I am grateful, a multitude of images come into my mind--the smiles of my students as they become ever more confident in their creative abilities, the many conversations with local TYO staff that seem to consist more of laughter than of words, and the many faces of people I have met whom I now consider to be friends.  I am certain that for many Thanksgivings to come, I will continue to feel a sense of gratitude for my experience here in Nablus.

- Ashwini is an intern at TYO Nablus.