The spaces between hello and goodbye

The spring session came to a swift end (I suppose that is always how things end, isn’t it? No slow-mo montages like in the movies, no lengthy, profundity-laced embraces accompanied by a melodramatic musical score), a whirlwind of goodbyes, celebrations both happy and melancholic, early morning flights back stateside, and a constant reaching and searching for words that would always be inadequate in describing what the past three months have meant to us all. The world keeps on spinning without asking our approval, and we all have to roll on with it. Such is a reality no philosopher or theologian or clever songwriter has satisfyingly retorted or provided an alternative course of action for. However, even though time and space shifts for one and all alike, no matter where we go or what we do, I think I can speak for all the spring interns in saying that our time together with TYO Nablus will bond us indelibly, both to one another and to this city. It was a wonderful time, a foundational time. Pardon me, the reverie and reflection, yet I want to convey just what the program at TYO has come to mean to those who have passed through. Seminal might be a good word. So thank you, for everyone that has made this program possible.

As for the here and now, well, I’m back to Nablus for another few months to help with the launching of our summer camp. Being back in town also means I can continue the Midnight Football League that Adam and I organized over March and April.

For the summer, we will be expanding the program to new age groups, starting a youth academy for the young lads and lasses just getting their feet wet in the sport, and also opening up the senior league to as many new recruits as Khallet al-Amood can provide us. I can’t wait to get started, and will be sure to keep you all informed of the league’s comings and goings via these posts, new photos, and even video footage. Action will kick off again this week.

Oh, and big ups to Bayern Munich for winning the Cup Championship two weeks ago! Great leadership from their captain Ameed Bawab set the tone, and they delivered quality performance after quality performance across the tournament. Congratulations should also be extended to Arsenal for winning the League Championship (best Regular season record) and to Sameh Kharoshe for taking home the League’s Golden Boot award (top scorer).

I’ll be writing again soon. Until then, folks, stay fly.

- Colin

Colin is a former intern and currently the Youth Camp Coordinator.