Intern Journal: TYO's First Women's Nutrition Class

This summer, fellow intern Megan and I are teaching Women's Nutrition, a first here at TYO. Megan and I want to show Nabulsi women that healthy food can be easy and delicious. So far we've had an amazing turnout and the women have been enthusiastic about the hands-on experience. They love taking their own basic ingredients and supplies and watching them transform into a new dish they can make from start to finish. They've already asked if they can bring their daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins, and friends to class with them! When we asked the women what they wanted from the class, they explained that they wanted to learn not only how to make new types of dishes, but also, how to integrate new flavors into traditional Palestinian foods. Some are interested in making Italian dishes, and others want to try very spicy foods, but above all, they want to teach us how to make some of their favorite dishes. What precious windfall for Megan and I, and a perfect example of the kind of cultural exchange that is so central to the TYO program! I hope they teach us how to make mloukhieh (a stew made with jute leaves) and tabbouleh!

During the course of the summer, we'll be making dishes from all around the world. We've already made guacamole and salsa with whole wheat pita chips, which was a huge hit and I encouraged the women to take some home to share with their families. It's our hope that if the families have the opportunity to try the foods as well, the women will be more likely to take chances in implementing some of our other recipes in their kitchens at home. Insha'allah at the end of the session, we will compile the recipes together to create a cookbook that the women can take home with them. I know Megan and I will learn just as much about food as the women we are teaching this session will!


Tala is a summer intern at TYO Nablus.