Launching Women Entrepreneurs in Lebanon

Lebanese women geared up for business last week, marking the start of the Women Entrepreneurs in Lebanon business training program. TYO, in partnership with the Rene Moawad Foundation welcomed 37 participants to the Business Incubation Association of Tripoli (BIAT) for tailored Business Plan training sessions July 4-7, 2011. The women, from all different parts of North Lebanon and a variety of religious and socio-economic backgrounds, joined together in a rousing welcome session and embarked on a 4-day training session aimed to assist them in developing their creative and innovative business ideas into formal business plans.

The ladies spent their first day at the well-equipped BIAT facility in Tripoli, getting to know each other and learning about basic business principles to take their own ideas further. As the training carried on over the four days, under the guidance of the amazingly talented trainers, the women had the chance to not only learn about business, but also about themselves, as they also participated in activities aimed at encouraging their self esteem, self confidence, and communication skills.  We were lucky enough to have Andrea Smith, our Deputy Director, in town for the training and her presence was warmly felt as we wrapped up with a certificate ceremony that left the women feeling empowered and connected through their shared experience… and had us feeling awfully proud as we look forward to the next steps!

To view more photos from the training and graduation ceremony, visit the photo album on Facebook.