The Next Steps for Women Entrepreneurs in Lebanon

TYO celebrates the start of the second phase of the Women Entrepreneurs in Lebanon Project. Coming off a hugely successful 4-day Business Training at the BIAT facility in Tripoli, where we had such an amazing turnout, choosing our 20 women was no easy task! Each participant brought her own insights, ideas and creativity to the project, but alas, we did have to choose. In an effort to find the right women for the “job,” the project staff and steering committee assessed each participant of the first-round training according to a basic selection criteria that included ideas and potential for real business success in the local Lebanese markets; commitment to the project and its training schedule; and willingness to take risks.

We are so happy to announce the 20 women selected to continue into the next phase of the project, the one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions where they will have the opportunity to further develop their ideas and get them that much closer to financing, implementation and success! The dedicated BIAT team will provide the following top 20 women with their sessions:

Sahar Abou Doleh, 48, Kfar Habou Sahar produces honey and with the right materials, can greatly improve and increase existing honey production, so she would like to expand!

Salma Ajaj, 62, Miryata Salma, a skilled seamstress, would like to be able to grow her capacity to serve her local need.

Halimeh Al Chaar, 40, Tikrit Halimeh has a green thumb and a license in gardening so she is perfectly suited to embark on the business of opening a Green house.

Jaqeline Al Nachar, 46, Halba Jaqeline would like to open a custom boutique specializing in wedding dresses.

Aziza Abd Al Rahim, 29, Nahr El Bared Palestinian Refugee Camp Using her knowledge of farming cows, Aziza wants to have her own small-scale dairy!

Asma Al Amyouni, 57, Kfar Habou Asma would like to create olive oil and preserved olives with a spin on tradition, including green herbs such as sage and rosemary, in the preservation process.

Houwayda Sharaf Al Dine, 38, Berkael Houwayda’s tasty twist on traditional mouneh (preserved/pickled foods) will include the preservation of dry fruits with chocolate.

Rima Al Rachid, 41, Machta Hassan Rima already has a successful marble company and would like to innovatively manufacture gravel from marble.

Nahla Bikaii, 47, Baddawi Palestinian Refugee Camp Nahla has a successful local shop that she would like to expand to include café services to meet her customer need.

Layali Chaaban, 27, Baddawi Palestinian Refugee Camp With just a few upgrades, Layali hopes to enhance her flower shop.

Tania Hamad, 20, Halba Tania shows real business acumen with her idea to provide marketing services to local workers producing local goods, helping them to increase their sales.

Ahlam Hammoud, 39, Halba Thinking outside the cardboard box, Ahlam decided to develop a recycling initiative in homes and local schools.

Soumaya Jokmak, 53, Kfar Habou When life gives Soumaya lemons, she makes not only lemonade, but jams and local sweets! Her project focuses on using lemons for a variety of products.

Maysa’ Kassem, 30, Nahr El Bared Palestinian Refugee Camp Maysa’ identified a gap in the entire Lebanese market and decided to start locally, with a much needed library!

Noura Khodor, 23, Al-Kouweichra Noura creates handmade decorative candles of all shapes and sizes, for all occasions!

Rana Mouhammad, 29, Ayyat-Akkar Rana would like to open a Beauty Center.

Samira Mansour, 55, Kfar Habou Samira’s tried and tested technique for homemade olive oil and olive soap production is something she wants to take to the next level and expand her existing business.

Joumana Saiid, 30, Aydamoun-Halba| Joumana identified a real-need for a Women-only Health Center in her community.

Lamia Sawan, 59, Kfar Habou Lamia’s love for the arts inspired her to want to open an artisana shop in Lebanon to showcase locally made handmade crafts.

Najwa Zaydan, 39, Nahr El Bared Palestinian Refugee Camp Bridal and Baby One-Stop Shop is Najwa’s idea for business success!

Check out the map below to see where our participants are from in Northern Lebanon!

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