One-on-One Coaching for Women Entreprenuers in Lebanon

The field has been narrowed down from 42 to 20 women, who we are working closely with through their mentoring sessions. For the months of September and October, the Women Entrepreneurs in Lebanon engaged in one-on-one coaching sessions with their trainers at the BIAT center in Tripoli. After their intensive 4-day training at BIAT, these women now need the focus and determination of one-on-one sessions to take their ideas to the next level! The coaching sessions enable the women to look at their ideas strategically and with understanding of the challenges that each of their unique business may face, in addition to further building their capacities to ultimately be successful entrepreneurs. Aside from the obvious benefits of working one-on-one with a coach, the training structure also allows the women a safe place to talk about their ideas and explore their potential and possibilities, with the guidance of someone with a solid knowledge base, who is also emotionally invested in their success. In some cases, the biggest obstacle that an entrepreneur faces is herself, so the added perspective and idea-specific resources can really take a business idea further. The sky is the limit for our 20 women and we wish them all the luck in further developing their ideas and continuing on their journey to be successful entrepreneurs in Lebanon.